Helping Others, Lift the World

Light too bright?

Have you ever hear someone say, “You’re too_________” (Fill in the blank)?

My mentor, Michelle Kopper says, “Don’t let anyone convince you that you’re too big, too small, too bold, too shy, too fat, too thin, too happy, too sad, too loud, too quiet, too smart, too dumb, too…, too…, too…”

The fact is, we are exactly who we are meant to be in this moment. That doesn’t mean we won’t change. It doesn’t mean we don’t have a choice. We do. We have the choice to remain as we are, or change into who we want to be.

That includes us World Lifters! There is no such thing as “too kind” or “too encouraging” or “too supportive” or “too appreciative”. Those we set out to serve may not be in a place to accept that service, but I guarantee that your offer is just right in that moment! So don’t be afraid to Follow-Through on those impulses to offer help and support!

Don’t be afraid to be “Too”!

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